Key Messages

A communications group within the IPA has elaborated a set of key messages, covering six areas of main interest to the PGM industry:

Role and benefits of PGMs in everyday life

  • PGMs are surrounding us every day in a great variety of applications that are all meant to improve lives.
  • PGMs are precious and noble "high-tech" metals which in their applications enhance the environment and quality of life.

PGM industry – an innovative sector

  • The mining and fabrication of PGMs is a highly innovative sector and the source of many cutting-edge technologies.
  • The PGM resource base is extensive and the industry has a proven track record in its understanding of the market demand.
  • Growing demand for PGMs stems from their increasingly diverse uses and enabling role in new technologies.
  • Due to the steady growing demand in PGMs the industry is attractive to skilled workers and offers great career opportunities.

Social aspects of mining and fabrication / corporate social responsibility

  • The PGM industry is contributing to the income of the countries in which it operates.
  • The PGM industry works closely with local communities to increase their standard of living and to provide a sustainable local economy.
  • The industry pays particularly attention to the health, safety, and education of its workforce.

South Africa: Black Economic Empowerment and beneficiation

  • The South African PGM producers are committed to fulfilling their obligations regarding Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and metal beneficiation.

PGMs and the environment

  • PGM based products contribute to technologies that help to reduce environmental damages.
  • The PGM industry itself is implementing programmes to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment.

PGM in the life-cycle / recycling

  • The energy efficiency of PGMs reduces waste of resources.
  • The high recyclability of PGMs means less impact on the environment in comparison to other materials which may be discarded or be less easy to recycle.
  • The PGM industry routinely recycles PGMs from their applications.