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LCI data usage agreement

The International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA) has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study to better document supply chain and life cycle impacts and benefits of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in autocatalysts.

The LCA results in this report represent the global average production of PGMs produced by participating IPA members, reflecting production data from 2010. A global average impact, for a selected group of impact categories and inventory flows, is also presented. The use of PGMs in a EURO 5 catalytic converter system in a diesel and gasoline engine vehicle were analysed to determine the impact of this application of PGMs on regulated emissions and consequently, human health. Autocatalysts were selected because they represent 47% of the end use market for PGMs and have a widely recognised societal benefit.

Eleven member companies of the IPA participated in the study representing primary producers of PGMs (mining and production), secondary producers of PGMs (recycling) as well as the fabricators of autocatalysts. The members represent 64% of the global supply of PGMs considered in this study. The companies are located in a range of countries namely, South Africa, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and the United States of America.

A key goal of IPA is to provide support on the environmental credentials of PGMs to customers and users of PGMs, with the intention that those that specify and use PGMs in applications have access to relevant data to facilitate their own informed decision-making. In this regard, IPA is keen to support the implementation of this database in LCA software and LCA tools.

IPA establishes agreement with LCA database vendors or consultants or advanced users to encourage broad use of the data in the interests of good LCA practice. Please note that the dataset is presented as aggregated data from primary and secondary production. No separated data, e.g. only recycling data, is being issued at the moment, as this is the first industry-wide study on PGMs.

The IPA is currently updating its PGM LCA data set with 2017 production data.

By using the data, you agree with the following points:

  • The IPA LCI data is provided free of charge and may not be sold to other parties.
  • The data sheets shall include a reference source (i.e. contacts details either for the IPA web site or directly to the IPA
  • The datasheets are supplied only for the purpose of the study for which it was requested. Should they be required for any another purpose, IPA must be contacted beforehand.
  • The user shall not provide the data on public websites or communicate the full inventories externally without IPA agreement.
  • The user shall not tamper with the IPA data in any way.