PGMs in the Life Cycle

Assessing the Life Cycle of Platinum Group Metals

The PGM industry had completed a first Life Cycle Assessment study on 2010 production data in 2013 in order to generate a reliable, current and independent dataset of the environmental footprint of PGMs and PGM-containing products, and to enable it to identify areas in the life cycle where it can improve its environmental performance.

In 2020, the PGM industry conducted a second industry-wide LCA based on 2017 production data and adapting to new reporting requirements. The study was reviewed according to ISO 14040 (2006) & 14044 (2006) and ISO/TS 14071 (2014) by and independent technical expert.

The LCA has been conducted on platinum, palladium, and rhodium, since these are the most relevant metals for application in catalytic converters, an application accounting for over 60% of demand in 2017.

The IPA LCA data will be made available to all GaBi database users following GaBi's next smart update in summer 2021. Interested LCA practictioners can also get access to the data set by filling out our Data Questionnaire and by signing a data agreement with IPA.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions document for further information: FAQs.

The results of this study are summarized in our Environmental Profile for Platinum Group Metals and Life Cycle Assessment Fact Sheet which you can download here.