PGM uses

PGMs are surrounding us every day in a great variety of applications that are all meant to improve lives. It is estimated that one in four products surrounding us contains PGMs or has been produced with the use of PGMs.

As a result of their high cost of production, PGMs are expensive in comparison with other metals. This leads to a highly economical and responsible usage in applications, such as catalytic converters to control vehicle exhaust emissions. Due to their high value, the attractiveness to recover PGMs from end-of-life products is extremely high.

If you‘re reading this from a laptop computer screen, the glass is probably made using PGM equipment, and the disks in your hard drive are coated with PGM metals. When you‘re out driving, PGMs ensure that your airbag operates properly and that the catalytic converter reduces your exhaust emissions.
As you and your family sleep at night, the smoke detector that will alert you to the risk of fire, relies on PGMs.

And if you‘re ever faced with the tragedy of you or one of your loved ones developing cancer, then it could be PGMs that will be at the forefront of treatment.

In our fact sheet „25 Prominent and Promising Applications using Platinum Group Metals“ you can find some of the most remarkable applications of our six metals.