Advocacy Committee

IPA, together with the Advocacy Committee, constantly monitors regulatory developments to identify relevant topics for the PGM industry.

To educate stakeholders on the PGM supply chain and on PGMs' role in the energy transition, the IPA Advocacy Committee engages with the EU as well as other national political institutions as a source of expertise on the PGM industry. The objectives of the Committee are to define joint positions for the PGM industry, inform about its applications, and how they can serve the global energy transition, as well as to promote a supportive business environment for the IPA members to thrive in.

The Committee aims to influence the development of new and existing legislation at political level by providing comprehensive information and promote the economic, social and environmental contribution of the PGM industry.

IPA contributes constructively and proactively to policies and regulations across the following main areas: 

  • Supply and demand of raw materials
  • Sustainability
  • Automotive
  • Energy and climate Change
  • Chemicals management